Optical gauge of temperature IT-3SM

Sector: Measuring Equipment
Price: 2720 USD
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: Box
Full Product Information:
Thermal imager IT-3 SM is intended for non-contact detection and visualization of the temperature field of the hot bodies visible surface. Imager consists of a standard notebook computer and the special digital video block recording thermal radiation in three overlapping spectral regions in the range of 630–830 nm. SVGA-matrix of photodetectors MT9V034STC with the number of active elements 752×480 is used. If necessary, measured temperature range can be extended up to 3000 °C. Functional features: – a single temperature measurement range from 800 to 1700 °C without subbands – screening of color image of the temperature field with the rate up to 30 frames/sec – option of the automatic determination of the effective thermal emissivityes of the surface in the used spectrum regions – possibility of recording the temperature field of the arranged heat engineering process and its reproducing, which is convenient while minimizing heating energy consumption, as well as while the following periodic inspection – reduced influence of the cooling liquid vapor, which can get into the field of view during the quenching process control, on the measured temperature values, that is provided by the smoothing of the obtained temperature values by means of regression methods – the possibility of registering and video recording the pulsed heating processes with block-by-block search.

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