Computerized medical equipment for induced whole-body hyperthermia Ptich-M

Sector: Medical Equipment & Instruments
Price: from 100000 to 200000 USD
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: Box
Full Product Information:
The essence of whole-body hyperthermia consists in smooth heating of the patient's body to critical temperatures (41-42°C). As the hyperthermia session is conducted under general anesthesia, the procedure is carried out under the supervision of specialists of different medical profiles. The equipment allows heating of deep tissues of the body without overheating of the surface fat layers. In addition, simultaneously with the hyperthermia procedure, the patient receives medicamentous treatment in the form of chemotherapy. It has been established that such an integrated approach in cancer treatment is effective, since exposure to high temperatures enhances the ability of drugs to kill cancer cells of the patient. "Ptich-M" is successfully used in the Alexandrov National Cancer Centre of Belarus. The equipment is included into the Register of medical equipment and products of the Republic of Belarus and can be supplied to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

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