Programmable power supply of 15 kW power with digital remote control system

Sector: Power Supplies
Price: from 1000 to 4000 USD
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: Box
Full Product Information:
The range of power supplies and high-current pulse generators of 1-15 kW power was designed for power supply of various electrical installations, electromotors and devices. The power supplies were designed for electric power supply of various high-power electroarc devises, such as: welding units; projectors; infrared heating equipment; high-power illuminating arc lamps for film projectors; devices for lighting of greenhouses and other large areas; technological plasma accelerators for applying of metal wear-resistant coatings and other types of high-power electrical devices The power supplies and generators are equipped with a microprocessor and digital remote control system which allows to operate one power supply or a whole complex of power supplies and electrical installations of a consumer at a distance of 1000 m and more and ensures safety of the personnel working in hazardous conditions. This peculiarity significantly improves the effectiveness of the power supplies while its use in adverse and detrimental conditions and in high radioactive contamination situations. To extend the field of application and ease the exploitation, power supplies were designed in two versions depending on the type of connection with the primary power supply 380/230 V 50 Hz: transformer input or transformerless input.

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