Лазерные визуализаторы ИК-излучения

Sector: Industry Laser Equipment
Price: 50 USD
Minimum Order: один
Packaging: box
Full Product Information:
Laser visualizers are designed for conversion of invisible near IR and UV radiation of pulsed and CW lasers in visible spectral range. They reduce problems related with laser beam visualization, profiling and s alignment in many applications. The material of IRV-R, IRV-G and IRV-GR– special ceramic with anti-stokes luminophores. The IRV-Q visualizers are made from organic polycrystals that provides conversion of Q-switched and mode-locked laser in visible light of SH harmonic. The material of UV-B special ceramic with organic luminophores.

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Specifications: Dopant concentration: 3-10 atm.% Orientation: [010] Dimensional tolerances (mm): dia.: +0,0/-0,05 length: +0,0мм/- 0,10