Antineoplastic medical product Cisplacel

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Full Product Information:
We developed a novel antineoplastic medical product «Cisplacel». Active substance of the product is cis-dichlorodimethylsilane (II) (cisplatin), which is immobilized on the cellulose (IV), oxidized with nitrogen oxide. The product is haemostatic and has a prolonged citostatic action can dissolve when implanted into organism in 20-30 days. It is designed for local chemotherapy of brain malignant growth including growths in head and neck area by implantation into the bed of the eliminated tumor. The use of «Cisplacel» facilitates prolongation of brain glioma patients’(Grade III-IV) life expectancy in more than 2 times. In case of combined treatment of neck and head growths the use of «Cisplacel» gives complete recovery for 51% of patients and the reduction of relapses makes 25-40%. We suggested a concrete innovation solution by creating original medical product on the basis of the developed technology. Features: - Yellow or yellow-orange crystalline powder - Poorly soluble in water, sparingly soluble in dimethylformamide, practically insoluble in 96% ethanol - pH 0.5% of solution from 3.5 to 6.0 - Drug substance makes from 99.0% to 102.0% in terms of a dry matter - The content of trans-diammin dihlorplatinic (II) is less than 1% - Related impurities - not more than 1% - Expiration date makes 24 months. Forms of cooperation: - Sale of medical product manufacturing license - Sale of finished product

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