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Canned meat beef lump sterilized Stewed beef Dachnaya

Sector: Food & Beverage
Price: 1.18 USD
Minimum Order: 24
Packaging: Box sizes
Terms of Delivery: FCA Orsha
Full Product Information:
Ingredients: beef, drinking water, melted fat, bone, onion, flour, dry milk, salt, food additive, thickener, flavor enhancer and flavor, antioxidant, spice extracts and spices (garlic, glucose, salt), flavor enhancer and flavor, black pepper, ground allspice. Shelf life and storage conditions: should be used within 3 years from date of manufacture at storage temperature between 2°C to 25 °C and relative humidity not above 75%. Net weight 525 gr. Mass fraction of beef by the tab 51 %. Mass fraction of fat in the bookmark 10 %. Before use, it is recommended to warm. Extracted from the jar contents to store in the refrigerator no more than days at a temperature from 2°C to 6°C.

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