Substance for anticancer drugs Prospidie chloride

Sector: Pharmaceuticals
Price: 3100 USD
Minimum Order: 1 упаковка
Packaging: Powder packed in 0.1 kg in a jar of dark glass
Full Product Information:
The methods of obtaining of the gel-forming dextran mixed ester with phosphoric acid and carbamate groups as well as finished dosage drug form Prospidelong were developed. The researchers created prototypes and investigated the parameters of acute and subacute toxicity of intraoperative introduction into the abdominal cavity of experimental animals. Using transplantable tumors models of sarcoma M-1, Jensen sarcoma and Seidel hepatoma they demonstrated that a single intraperitoneal introduction of Prospidelong increases the average lifetime and the number of fully cured animals. The researchers also received the package of standard technical documentation and initiated clinical trials of Prospidelong as a local anti-tumor therapy drug in gastric cancer patients with disseminated peritoneum lesion. Offer: finished substance sale

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