Edible biodegradable films

Sector: Food Packaging
Price: Contract Price
Full Product Information:
Edible food packaging represents a completely biodegradable film, which: - retains taste, flavor and aesthetic look of the products; - reduces water losses, control gas exchange (oxygen, carbon dioxide, ethylene); - helps to prevent microbial growth and extend shelf life of products. The films do not only preserve the existing properties of the products, but provide the possibility of the introduction of different ingredients into the packaging films, which supplement its taste and useful properties. Edible films can be used for packaging of meat products, cut fruits and vegetables, cereals, sweets, cakes, nuts, seeds, spices, etc. Edible packages simplify nutrition process as there is no need to open the packaging and deal with a large number of plastic wraps in portioned products, also the losses of the contents are reduced. Advantages: - Edible packages do not pollute the environment and can solve the problem of waste reducing. - The basis for films production is an affordable corn starch, which creates the possibility to organize a competitive production of edible films as packaging materials.

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