Butter biscuits "Chitorio with cocoa and milk"

Sector: Biscuits
Price: Contract Price
Has Halal Certificate: Belarus
Full Product Information:
Ingredients: prime quality wheat flour, sugar, confectionery fat (refined deodorized vegetable oils, modified refined deodorized vegetable oils which includes soya, emulsifier soya lecithin, antioxidant: mixture of tocopherols concentrate), egg products, corn sturch, invert syrup, Dutch process cocoa powder, leavening agents (sodium hydrogen carbonate, ammonium hydrogen carbonate), whole milk powder, iodized boiled edible salt (potassium ferrocyanide anti-clodding agent), “Cream” flavoring. Nutrition value per 100g of product: Protein – 6.5g, fat- 19g, carbohydrate – 65g Energy value per 100 g of product kcal / kJ - 460/1930.