Viewing Loupes

Sector: Quality Control Equipment
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BelOMO Holding has been producing Viewing Loupes for more than 15 years and is constantly modernizing them according to the requirements of our customers BelOMO Viewing Loupes have a high-quality optics ensuring sharp, bright, accurate and undistorted image. Viewing Loupes are manufactured according to GOST 25706-83, TY RB 07526946.072-94 specifications. LP-3-10x Loupe LP-3-10x three-lens Viewing Loupe is intended for detailed viewing of small objects which are hard to see with a naked eye. The Loupe’s optics is made from high-quality optical glass and has an antireflection coating. The Loupe has 3 aplanatic, colour corrective, achromatic, antireflection lenses which make image as close to the original as possible. LP-3-10x Viewing Loupe is very popular among geologists, gemologists, macro photographers, numismatists, entomologists and philatelists all over the world, in particular in such countries like Russia, the USA, Australia, Thailand and Germany. Thanks to its great magnification and resolution compact and handy LP-3-10x Viewing Loupe provides for a wide application range: - Rock identification; - Minerals inspection; - Jewellery inspection; - Printed texts magnification; - Coin magnification; - Insects inspection; - Mechanical parts examination; - Cloth fibres inspection. LP-2-8x Loupe LP-2-8x two-lens Viewing Loupe is intended for examining of and working with small subjects. The Loupe’s optics is made from high-quality optical glass and has an antireflection coating. LP-2-8x Viewing Loupe can be used by persons with defective eyesight to read texts in small print, as well as for detailed viewing of coins, stamps and pictures. LP-4-20x Loupe LP-4-20x Viewing Loupe is used in the jewellery industry for faceting quality control and inspection of internal defects of jewellery, as well as in printing industry for microprinting quality control. The Loupe is also intended for a wide range of experts, e.g. restorers, art critics, numismatists and philatelists.

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