Water towers (Rozhnovsky) V = 15; 25; 50 m3

Sector: Water towers
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: Without package
Terms of Delivery: FCA INCOTERMS 2010
Full Product Information:
The towers are designed for construction in areas with the following characteristics: The estimated winter temperature of the outside air is at least minus 30 ° C; The weight of the snow cover is up to 100 kg / m; Wind pressure up to 38 kg / m; Seismicity is not less than 6 points; Soils in the base are uniform, non-stop. Non-hepatic with the following regulatory characteristics: Øn = 0.49 rad (28 °); Сн = 2кПа (0.02кгс / см '); E = 14.7 mPa (150kgs / cm2), y = 1.8t / m3; Groundwater is absent; For the operation of water towers in areas with a calculated winter temperature from minus 20 ° C to minus 30 ° C, it is necessary to ensure at least two times the water exchange per day. Water towers are designed for operation at a temperature of incoming water of at least 6 ° C, mainly from boreholes. It is allowed to feed the tower with water with a temperature below 6 ° C in areas with a calculated winter temperature above minus 20 ° C, with double water exchange. Technical characteristics of the product Water towers are manufactured depending on the volume of the tank, the height and the diameter of the support. Tower Mark Volume of water in the tank, m3 Height to the bottom of the tank, m Diameter of support in, mm Diameter of the tank in, mm Weight, kg VBR-15U-10 15 10 1220 3020 3545 VBR-15U-12 15 12 1220 3020 3710 VBR-25U-12 25 12 1220 3020 4060 VBR-25U-15 25 15 1220 3020 4865 FBG-50U-15 50 15 1220 3020 5893 VBR-50U-18-1 50 18 1220 3020 6350 FBG-50U-18-2 50 18 2000 3020 8350 FBG-50U-18-3 50 18 3020 3020 9390

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