Complete switchgear with gas-insulated insulation CSG RTN-24L

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Gas-insulated switchgear RTN24-L series manufactured by JSC Raton are used for receiving and distributing electrical energy at transformer and distribution substations in networks with isolated neutral grounded through an arc suppression reactor or a resistor.           The switchgear of the RTN24-L series is an improved version of the switchgear in closed metal casings with SF6 gas insulated SF6, voltage class 10, 20 kV. The main advantages of the RTN24-L switchgear:        - expansion of busbars on the left and on the right;        - Modular design;        - configurability of modules from cells;        - confirmed quality during routine tests;        - guarantee of reliability and safety. All high-voltage current-carrying parts of the power switch of the switchgear cell are in an absolutely sealed metal casing with SF6 gas, made of stainless steel 3 mm thick. Elegaz isolates the live parts from each other and from the tank wall. In cells with a load switch, SF6 gas also serves to extinguish the arc. The degree of protection of the sealed housing with SF6 gas, the outer shell of the switchgear-IP4X. The use of gas-insulated insulation provides resistance to the environment, high reliability, safe operation of the switchgear and does not require maintenance.

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