Complete switchgear with gas-insulated insulation CSG RTN-24M

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Complete switchgear with gas-insulated insulation CSG from RTN24-M series manufactured by JSC Raton are used for receiving and distributing electric power at transformer and distribution substations, as well as for switching tasks in industry. The scope of application covers nominal voltages up to 24 kV and rated currents up to 2500 A. Unlike the air insulated switchgear in the CSG RTN24-M series, vacuum arc chutes are located in sealed stainless steel welded tanks filled with SF6 gas, which provides double insulation of live parts and makes the switchgear insensitive to aggressive environments, protected from penetration Foreign bodies independent of the installation height, compact, easy to maintain, much safer to operate and reliable in operation. Unlike other CSD, the use of CSG RTN24-M switchgear in the switchgear, located outside the reservoir of plug-in, single-pole design, insulated with internal and external shielding layers of busbars and installed outside the primary sealed tank of measuring transformers (current and voltage) allows, without Works with SF6, quickly replace both the cells themselves and the measuring transformers with cells and transformers with excellent (other) technical characteristics. The use of a metal bellows for transferring forces from drives to the poles of a vacuum circuit-breaker and the poles of a three-position disconnector-earthing switch favorably distinguishes the cells of the RTN24-M series from GIS of other manufacturers, in which the force is transmitted by a shaft through an insulating seal, which shortens the sealing time. The life of the vacuum circuit-breakers used in the switchgear is 10 000 switching cycles before maintenance.

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