Complete switchgear of outdoor installation of CS / BEL series

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Design of cells CS / BEL The switchgear assembly of the external installation is a unit of cells (1-6) - a module with a common metal structure and external panels made of galvanized steel. The module design provides for the placement of cells for various purposes with withdrawable elements and control cabinets mounted on a common rigid frame of the control corridor. On the wall of the corridor opposite the cells there is an installation of additional cabinets. Structurally, the cells are marked with compartments: • drawer compartment; • compartment of busbars; • the input compartment; • compartment for relay protection and control. Separation of cells into compartments increases their localization ability. Drawer compartment. In the compartment there is a withdrawable element - a trolley on which the following devices can be installed: • vacuum switch; • voltage transformer; • auxiliary transformer; • Bus-type disconnectors; • current transformer; • overvoltage limiter; • circuit breakers. The withdrawable element in the cell has two fixed positions: working and control (test). The drawout element is moved manually. The fixing device secures the withdrawable element, which excludes the possibility of its spontaneous movement inside the compartment both in normal mode and in case of a short circuit. The repair position of the withdrawable element is outside the compartment. All electrical equipment of the switchgear cells installed on withdrawable elements is available for repair after removal of withdrawable elements to the repair position. Compartment busbar compartment. In the compartment there are prefabricated buses fixed to the support insulators. For sectioning the cells of switchgear with vacuum switches and (or) disconnectors are used. Connection compartment. In the connection compartment are located: earthing switch, current transformers, overvoltage limiters (if necessary), load breaker VN-10 (when ordering a cell with VN, instead of a vacuum switch). The compartment is intended for connection to the switchgear of a cable or overhead line, as well as a bus branch. Relay protection and control compartment. The relay protection and control compartment is a cabinet mounted at the top of the cell. On the rear wall, a mounting panel is mounted on which the auxiliary devices of the relay protection devices are mounted. On the door of the control cabinet are installed: • microprocessor-based devices; • control keys; • warning lamps; • electrical measuring instruments.

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