Complete switchgear indoor instalation CS/RTN for 20 kV voltage

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Complete switchgear series CS/RTN 20 intended for reception and distribution of electric power three-phase alternating current of industrial frequency of 50 Hz at a nominal voltage of 20 kV and currents of 630, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500A to networks with isolated or earthed through arc reactor Neutral for the acquisition of closed switchgears of electrical substations and transformer substations. The switchgear of the RTN 20 series is used: - in the energy sector; - in distribution networks of the energy complex; - in agriculture; - for the needs of industrial enterprises; - for city and municipal networks; - in the system of auxiliary needs of power plants; - for power supply of railways. Cabinets switchgear of the RTN series can be installed in mobile switchgear of the container type, as well as in modular buildings.

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