Complete switchgear series CPO / BEL (chambers prefabricated unilateral servicing)

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Chambers prefabricated one-sided servicing series CPO / BEL (hereinafter referred to as CSR) are designed for receiving and distributing electric energy of three-phase alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz for a rated voltage of up to 10 kV in networks with isolated or compensated neutral and can be used for the acquisition of electrical substations. Types of CSR/ The composition of CSR includes chambers, the type of which is determined by the built-in equipment and connections: • with a vacuum switch; • with load switch; • with voltage transformers; • with disconnectors; • with fuses; • with power transformers of own needs; • with cable assemblies; • bus bridges; • bus couplers; • bus earthing switches; • Transitional inserts.

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