Complete transformer substation CTS-RTN

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Complete transformer substations (CTS) are designed to receive electric energy of three-phase alternating current of frequency 50 Hz with voltage up to 10 kV, its transit (CTS pass type), conversion to 0.4 kV voltage and distribution to consumers of various branches of the economy. CTS is used in systems with isolated neutral on the 10 (6) kV side and a deadly neutral on the 0.4 kV side. The type of climatic performance is U3 (for CTS of internal installation), U1, UHL1 according to GOST 15150, but at the same time for CTS of climatic modification of UZ the lower operating value of air temperature during operation is minus 25 ° C with installation of heating devices. CTS are designed for operation at altitudes above sea level of not more than 1000 m in industrial atmosphere type II in accordance with GOST 15150. CTS are not designed to work in environments containing corrosive corrosive vapors and gases that destroy metals and insulation. CTS are not intended for operation in seismic, explosive and fire hazardous areas. CTS are not intended for work on mobile mine and other installations of special purpose. The order for the supply of CTS is carried out on the basis of a questionnaire, agreed with the manufacturer and the consumer

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