Unrefined sunflower oil. First grade

Sector: Fat & Oil Products
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: PET bottle Volume: 850 ml
Full Product Information:
Unrefined sunflower oil. First grade. Produced in accordance with GOST 1129-93, Sunflower Oil. Specifications. Meets the requirements specified in Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TRCU) 021/2011, On Food Products Safety, TRCU 024/2011, Technical Regulations on Oil and Fat Products, TRCU 022/2011, Food Product Labelling. Shelf life: 13 months.

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It is able to preserve the transparency for a long time and not change its aroma.
It is intended for direct consumption in food, use in home cooking, in a network of public catering, in bakery, confectionery, food concentrates and other branches of the food industry.
It is produced from natural pasteurized cream by means of its churning. Butter is known as the best animal fat. It is used directly in food.