Tram models 843

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It is an elegant low-floor tram in the 843 single-direction version and the 84300M bidirectional version. The three-part low-floor articulated trams are suitable for commuter routes on the inner-city lines, offering high passenger capacities. Technical features - Airy, bright and clear interior design adaptable to customer requirements. - Excellent overview of the whole passenger compartment thanks to wide corridor connections. - 2+1 and 2+2 seating as per customer requirement, in rows or opposite. - 84% low-floor, all entrance doors and corridor connections in the low-floor area. - Visual and acoustic aligned passenger information system. - Easy-to-change external cover made of composite material. - Internal cover from pieces made of composite materials, panels from aluminum. - Air-conditioning for the driver’s cab. - Partition between driver’s cab and passenger compartment glazed with a gap for ticket sales. - Forced air ventilation of passenger compartment via roof ventilators. - High-performance heating. - Equipment for PRM: wheelchair space with seat-belt option and driver alert function, folding boarding ramp in the end cars, seats reserved for PRM. - Single axle drive and control with IGBT. - CAN bus control and diagnosis. - Video monitoring, storage and readout of data based on valid statutory regulations. - Fire protection standards based on customer requirements. - Available as single-direction or bidirectional vehicle. - Conductor seat and heating for conductor area on request from customer. - Automatic central lubrication system. - GPS. - Fire-fighting system. - Optional energy meter.

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