Chalk super-concentrate

Sector: Master Batches & Admixtures
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 30 kg, FCA Grodno
Packaging: Packaging: PET/ALU/PE bags with degassing valve. Weight of 1 bag: 25 kg net; polyethylene valve bags. Weight of 1 bag: 30 kg net / 25 kg net. The bags are formed into transport packages. The weight of 1 transport package is 1000 kg.
Terms of Delivery: FCA, DAP
Full Product Information:
Chalk super-concentrate based on polyethylene is designed for production of polymer packaging film, molded engineering and large parts, tapes, yarns, woven bags, soft containers, sheets, pipes. The chalk super-concentrate is polyethylene based with addition of 70% of mineral filler – chalk. Application: reduction of production cost due to the difference in price with polymers and savings on expensive colour masterbatches. Price: is formed in accordance with the situation in the markets of CIS, Europe, Asia. The enterprise takes into account raw materials prices, the prices of competitors and other pricing factors such as the scope of supply, terms of payment, cost of delivery, customs duties, etc.

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