Chalk super-concentrate, black

Sector: Plastic raw materials
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 30 kg, FCA Grodno
Packaging: Packaging: PET/ALU/PE bags with degassing valve. Weight of 1 bag: 25 kg net; polyethylene valve bags. Weight of 1 bag: 30 kg net / 25 kg net. The bags are formed into transport packages. The weight of 1 transport package is 1000 kg.
Terms of Delivery: FCA, DAP
Full Product Information:
Black colour masterbatches (super-concentrates) are used for dying of extruded, blow molded and injection molded polyolefin products. They are LDPE based and contain 40% of carbon black. Usage for dying is from 0,5 to 1,5 %. APPLICATION: colour masterbatches with carbon black of up to 40% are intended for dying of polyolefin film made by flat-slit or blow molding extrusion, as well as for extruded, blow molded and injection molded polyolefin products. For LDPE and HDPE packing bags there is a special “economy class” type of colour masterbatch with 15% of shungite powder. The usage of shungite powder reduces production cost and imparts antibacterial properties to the manufactured film. COLOUR: black PRICE: is formed in accordance with the situation in the markets of CIS, Europe, Asia. The enterprise takes into account raw materials prices, the prices of competitors and other pricing factors such as the scope of supply, terms of payment, cost of delivery, customs duties, etc.

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