Universal Tool&Cutter Grinder VZ-818Е

Sector: Machine Tool Equipment
Price: Contract Price
Full Product Information:
The grinder is used for grinding and finishing of main types of cutters made of tool steel, carbide material and cemented-oxide by abrasive, diamond and cubic boron nitride wheels. The following operations are performed by the grinder: circular grinding (external and internal) and flat grinding. Design features of the grinder are the following: - closed steel rolling element guideways of the table and carrier, applied for installing on the table of heavy attachments and work pieces without loss of travel precision and providing long operating life; - backlash-free flywheel table drive; - grinding wheel motor is turned to the side opposite to the spindle, that widens greatly technological capabilities and shortens changeover time; - control panel is easily reachable by operator from any of 3 working places; - small overall dimensions of the grinder are combined with great technological capabilities; - hydrodrive of the table longitudinal travel. Grinder design is covered by patent.

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