Sector: Explosive industrial chemical
Price: 3700.48 BYN
Minimum Order: 16 tons (price per 1 tonne)
Packaging: 1 layer - bituminized bags, 2 layer - plastic bags 5Н2
Terms of Delivery: pickup
Full Product Information:
TU BY 390296575.001-2015 is designed for blasting on the earth's surface during manual loading of the wells and cavities with any degree of water content in all climatic regions. Water resistance is provided by the insolubility of the components included in the formulation of elgetol. Temperature limits application from -60°C to + 50°C. Elgetol be used in acidic and alkaline environments with a pH in the range of 3 to 8. Specifications. Appearance: granules a semi-spherical shape and polydisperse composition with a diameter of 8 mm, from light gray to dark gray colors. Permitted splices pellets to 15 mm. Explosive: the composition of TGA (TNT + RDX + aluminum); density of granules, g/cm3 1,5-1,6; speed of detonation at density1,0 g/ cm3 km/s 4,9; sensitivity to impact, % in the device No. 1 16-60; in the device No. 2 0; the lower limit is not less than 100 mm; sensitivity to friction (lower limit), MPa, not less than 200. Products have certificate of conformity with the technical regulations of the Customs Union "About safety of explosives and products on their basis" No. TS BY/112 02.01.108 00019 Series BY 0067829. Valid from 29.04.2016 for 28.04.2019.

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