Checker-the detonator TPLB-1500

Sector: Explosive industrial chemical
Price: 7 BYN
Minimum Order: 12 PCs. (price is for 1 piece)
Packaging: A box made of corrugated cardboard
Terms of Delivery: Self, when you order 888 PCs. delivery transport company
Full Product Information:
TU BY 390296575.003-2016 is intended for use as an intermediate detonators for initiation of borehole charges of industrial explosives in wells of any degree of watering in open-pit mining in all climatic regions in the range of ambient temperatures from minus 30°to plus 50°C. Paper (plastic) enclosure ensures the safety of charge and sanitary safety. The initiation of the checkers-detonator is made from non-electric initiation systems: "spark", "SINV"; a detonator EDS-1; ED-8 (the capsule-type CD-8) Specifications. The diameter of the outer checkers, mm – 84; Height, mm – 170; The mass of BB, g - 1350±50; Detonation velocity, km/s to 5.5-6.0 mm. Products have certificate of conformity with the technical regulations of the Customs Union "About safety of explosives and products on their basis" No. TS BY/112 00080 02.01.108 Series BY 0050999. Valid from 29.08.2017 for 28.08.2020.

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