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Telehandler AMKODOR 540-70

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The Telehandler AMKODOR 540-70 is designed for performing loading and unloading operations with bulk (sand, gravel, crushed stone, grain, mineral fertilizers, etc.), lumpy (stone, ceramics, root crops, etc.), bulk (flax, hay, straw, hay, garbage, etc.), viscous (clay, organic fertilizers, etc.) materials, piece loads, as well as for the production of installation and rigging works. It can be used in industrial, civil and road construction, municipal and agricultural sectors. The loader is designed for operation in areas with a temperate climate in the ambient temperature range from plus 40 ° C to minus 20 ° C. The AMKODOR 540-70 loader is compact and highly maneuverable due to the multi-mode steering, reliable and stable during loading operations thanks to the rollover safety device.

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