Spiral zipper

Sector: Sewing Accessories
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: Negotiable
Terms of Delivery: Self-delivery or delivery, depending on volume
Full Product Information:
Type 0 / Type 0 link width 5.5 mm • The design is one-piece. • Locking the lock - automatic. • Purpose - lightweight garments, skirts, trousers, light leather goods (internal separation of bags and portfolios), packaging products. Type 5 / Type 5 link width 6 mm It is mainly used in the garment industry for sewing jackets, knitwear products, children's and sports products, sleeping bags, furniture covers. Its main advantages are a soft and elastic chain chain, with high initial strength, high adaptation to deformation (tape width-5-30 mm, spiral width - 6.0 mm, tape density -16.5 g / m). Type 7 / Type 7 width of links 7 mm Type 10 / Type 10 link width 6.5 mm • Non-detachable and detachable version with plastic a connector assembly, straight or molded for shoes. • Locking the lock is automatic and without locking. • A detachable zip is available with 1 or 2 locks. • Appointment - men's or women's clothing, knitted and sports products, footwear, leather goods, light fur. Type 20 / Type 20 width of links 8,4 mm • Non-detachable and detachable version with a plastic connector assembly. • Locking the lock - automatic. • Appointment - men's and women's clothing, sports products, leather goods; with 2 locks - for leather and fur products.

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