Complex soil-cultivating machine APK-9

Sector: Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
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Combined TILLAGE UNIT APK-9 is a universal tool for high-quality productive soil treatment by cutting, loosening, rolling and their combinations without repeated operations. Depending on the type of soil, the tool can be equipped with different types of working bodies with a grip from 6 to 9 meters, thus achieving maximum adaptation to local conditions. It is used for loosening and preparing the soil for sowing, destroying weeds, shredding crop residues, for cutting soil layers after plowing virgin lands, for pre-sowing preparation of the soil without preliminary plowing, for processing the soil after harvesting thick-stemmed row crops, as well as for caring for meadows and pastures. The advantages of the combined soil-cultivating Assembly, APK-9. High productivity and efficiency due to the wide grip combined with different methods of soil treatment and rapid transformation from the transport position to the working position and Vice versa, controlled from the tractor cab by a single operator. High-quality planting in the soil and proper distribution of plants in the arable layer to optimize their decomposition. High-quality crumbling and leveling of the surface layer, which makes it possible to immediately produce crops. The productivity of the tool can reach 15 hectares per hour of the main time. The ability to quickly replace sections of working bodies of one type with another (modular system). Protection of working bodies from overloads due to the system of damping elements. Ability to accurately set the depth of soil treatment. APK-9 is convenient for Assembly and disassembly, as well as for transportation on public roads in containers and trucks in partially disassembled form.

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