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Biologically active food additive Nika Kardioton 30, 60, 120

Sector: Health Care Supplement
Price: from 4 to 17 BYN
Minimum Order: 5 pcs
Packaging: Plastic cans with the control of the first opening
Terms of Delivery: Pickup, delivery by mail
Full Product Information:
Additional source of L-arginine and selenomethionine. L-arginine refers to conditionally indispensable amino acids and is a production stimulator of growth hormone pituitary (growth hormone), L-arginine is a donor and a natural nitrogen carrier. It supplies nitrogen with a system of enzymes called NO synthases, which synthesize the NO-group, a substance regulating the tone of arterial blood vessels, on which the diastolic pressure depends. Selenomethionine is the organic form of selenium antioxidant.

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