Rotary three-sections mounted mower-crusher KPR-9 (KPR-9-01)

Sector: Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1
Terms of Delivery: EXW, FCA, FAS, FOB CFR, CIF, CPT, CIP, DAT, DAP, DDP
Full Product Information:
The mower is intended for the mowing of green seeded and natural grass with their mechanical handing (conditioning) and the laying of the mowed mass on the stubble in three windrows at the same. The design of the mowerThe KPR-9 is joined in with the power units UES-2-250A, UES-2-280A and their modifications. The KPR-9 is joined in with the power units UES-2-250A, UES -2-280A and their modifications, and also with tractors Belarus-2522, Belarus-2822, Belarus-3022 and their modifications. The high productivity of the mower provides the execution of hay and silage works including the harvesting and drying up to needed moisture in the short period of time, and conditioning and fraible windrowing accelerates significantly the wilting processes saving time and decreasing the number of working processes. The level of crushing is regulated what allows choosing operation mode for different crops and conditions of harvesting. The possibility to re-equip the mower for separate join in with the tractors, on the front linkage - one section, on the rear linkage - two sections, is realized in the KPR-9-01. The mower-crusher consists of three mowing sections every one of which has a hanging spring mechanism, has a reaping devices protection from the foreign odjects, and also the side sections protection from damages during running over obstacles. The beater conditioners of the crushing unit, which is a shaft with V-shaped whips hingedly fixed on it, breakes stems forming fluffy windrows which saves the time of plants wilting. The decks are mounted on each section; the level of cushing plant mass moving on the beater device is regulated with the decks. The power consumption reduces and productivity increases thanks to the high inertia moment of the beater device. The whips, fixed with hinges on the shaft, are positioned onto two spirals evenly over-covering all the area of passage mass in order to make the best use the mower. The applied dsign decisions are cancel the possibility of clogging the working parts of the mower. The elements of the structure don`t close access to working and maintenance places. The mower is transferred from operating position ro travelling by hydraulic cylindres for few minutes for moving on the public roads.

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