Reaping machines (harvesting machines) for grain crops (RGC)

Sector: Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
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Reaping machines are intended for harvesting of grain cereal crops, with the use of special devices, they are also used for rapeseed, leguminous and cereal crops picking. Reaping machines can be used with such harvesters marks as «PALESSE» КZS-7, КZS-812, КZS-10К, КZS-1218, КZS-1420. Reaping machine JSC of different width capturing used for maximum productivity, will help to use all the opportunities of harvester to get the highest possible yield, regardless of crop or conditions . The advantages of the reaping machines are unquestionable: - a reliable cutting machine with the system of pairwise alternation of segments (notching up-notching down) provides a solely clean cut of grain (bread) paste, so this machine works well on the laid and wet bread crops, providing a high quality cut; - welding fingers have the upper and lower cutting edges, which eliminates the need for adjustments in the process of exploitation; - while harvesting of the laid crops (loaves) the stems-risers provide the stable growth of stalks( stems) from the soil(ground); -an efficient gear, operated from the cab, allows to change the reel’s rotating speed fluently, managing the flow of grains’ mass (paste) efficiently. This process provides an even distribution of the mass to the threshing machine, increasing the stability and the quality of threshing. - the trims of the reel are attached to the tines with bolts and it simplifies the repair efficiently and allows to replace the damaged trims easily, even in the field. - the reel’s pipes of the tines are strengthened and made without any connecting pins what prevents the winding of straw. - the use of the reaper’s cutting unit (machine) of the planetary gearbox Schumacher for the driving gear provides a high linear velocity of the knife and a high frequency of cutting at a smooth motion and at a minimum wear , it allows to increase a working speed of the harvester combine , and accordingly , the productivity without any loss of the cut’s quality. - a simple and reliable hydro-mechanical gear( mechanism) of longitudinal-transversal copying allows to use all the entire working width of the reaping machine efficiently. An equal low cut is provided regardless of the unevenness of the field; The transport carts are included in all the patterns of the serial production of the reaping machines. They help to reach the field quickly on the roads of general use and to mount a reaping machine easily right in the middle of the field without any additional devices. Standard equipment on all models of the reapers are the transport unit. They help quickly to reach the fields on public roads and easily mount a header straight into the box without any additional devices.

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