Multiwave Raman Lidar

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A distinctive feature of this lidar is the possibility of multiwave polarization Raman sounding of atmospheric aerosols up to an altitude of 10 km. When using a lidar in combination with a solar photometer, the altitude distributions of aerosol fraction concentrations and the complete set of optical characteristics of the tropospheric aerosol layer are restored. Specifications of a multiwave lidar: - Backscattering at wavelengths: 355, 532, 1064 nm; - Energy in momentum: up to 400 mJ; - Laser pulse repetition rate: up to 30 Hz; - Laser pulse duration: less than 20 ns; - Operating temperature range: -40 ÷ +50 0C; - Range: 10 km; - Spatial resolution: 7.5 m.

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