The power equipment of voltage from 0.4 kV up to 10 kV

Sector: Electrotechnical Equipment
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The branch "Zavod Energooborudovanie" is one of the leading enterprises of the Republic of Belarus in the field of electrotechnical equipment. The range of products produced by the plant makes it possible to provide a complete supply of electrical equipment for any object under construction or being reconstructed. Almost 70-year history of the plant, the experience gained over this time, highly qualified specialists, modern developments and technology, the constant desire to solve the problems of the Customer guarantees that the branch "Zavod Energooborudovanie" is a reliable partner. In addition, the practice of teamwork with the Customer at the design stage of an object or in the development of new products can save money and time. Kinds of let out production: The substation equipment with a voltage of 10 kV: Substations complete transformer pass-through type KTPP, single- and double-transformer capacity 400; 630; 2x400; 2х630 kVA, both with air and with cable inputs; Substations complete transformer type KTP with capacity from 25 to 250 kVA; Chambers with vacuum switches for distribution networks of series KS and KV for rated currents from 4 to 31.5 kA; KSO chambers and bus bridges of series 366 and 394 for rated current 630 A; Device complete distribution KU - 10 for rated currents from 12,5 to 31,5 kA; Block complete transformer substation in the concrete shell BKTPB-10 / 0.4 U1. Equipment for switchgears with a voltage of 0.4 kV: Panels for switchboards of series ЩО-70-3; Switchgear type RUNN; Input and distribution devices of types of VRU - 1, VU - 1, RU - 1, VUA - 600. Switching equipment: Disconnectors and switches for 10kV voltage series VNPR, RV, RVZ, RLN and RLN-3 for rated current 630 A; Switches-disconnectors and disconnectors for voltage 0,4 kV and rated currents from 100 to 2000 A. Electrotechnical equipment: Power cabinets of SPU-62 series and boxes of type YARV with three-pole switches and fuses; Shields of the account of the electric power of type SHCHE and SHRU; Cabinets control outdoor lighting type SHNO; Box and shields for various purposes; Insulated wires of type SIP, ASI for overhead transmission lines 0,4-10 kV; KGPO claws; The grounding device of the VLI is 0.38 kV U3 VLI.

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The device is designed to quickly determine the short-circuit (kz) location on 0, 4 kV lines with uninsulated wires.
It is intended for operative measurement of current and voltage on 0, 4 kV power transmission lines and in buildings with uninsulated wires.
It is intended for fast and reliable automatic search of the feeder with the lowered isolation in networks of a constant operative current of power objects.