Compact supercomputer UIIP-OFFICE

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Compact supercomputer UIIP- OFFICE is oriented to be used directly in laboratories and belong to the class of personal supercomputers (clusters). It fills a niche between conventional personal computers and powerful supercomputer configurations, enabling personal computing in a separate organization. It does not require the creation of special operating conditions. It is intended both for performing scientific calculations, and as an addition to powerful high-performance cluster systems. It is software compatible with high-performance data center clusters, it has small dimensions, weight and power consumption. UIIP OFFICE has efficient built-in air cooling, the ability to connect to a wireless network. The total number of nodes in the UIIP-Office cluster is 10. Each node is a hybrid (CPU + GPU). The power consumption of the UIIP-Office cluster is not more than 1 kW. The integrated peak performance of the UIIP-Office cluster is at least 18 TFlops. Advantages over analogues: small dimensions, a unique cooling system for a computing unit based on radiators with pressed heat pipes; low price.

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