Universal acid foam detergent San-KP 10 l

Sector: Disinfectants & Detergents
Price: from 9.06 to 9.33 USD
Minimum Order: 10
Packaging: canister
Terms of Delivery: Transport provider or buyer
Full Product Information:
The tool is intended for the preparation of solutions for removing strong inorganic contaminants (salt, lime, milk, tartar, beer stone, rust removal) from the external and internal surfaces of food processing equipment. Application by devices of high and low pressure with foam nozzles is possible.

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It is used for production of chemical fibers and strings from polyamide pitches. It is produced of benzene by synthetic method.
Is applied for manufacture of photo reagents, film-photographic materials, varnishes.
Is used in various sectors of industry as reagent of "special purity" classification. Storage conditions: at temperature not lower than -50°С.