The Electronic digital thermometer Integral TE-04

Sector: Medical Equipment & Instruments
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Basic technical data: Readings of the measured temperature are displayed on a five-digit liquid crystal display in a digital form. The thermometer provides the following functions: - Measurement and indication of the human body temperature within the range from 32,00 to 42,00°C in increments of 0,01°; - Performance efficiency automatic testing; - Memory storage of the last value of temperature measured; - Temperature measurement mode turn ON /OFF by pressing the control button; - Automatic shutdown in the event that thermometer has not been used within max. 30 minutes; - Audible indication tripping when thermometer is switched ON /OFF and when the temperature measurement is complete; - Battery discharge indication; - Indication of the measured temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees (as a reference value). Temperature absolute measurement error is ± 0,10 °C in a temperature range of 32,0 to 42,0 ° C inclusive. Power-operated working time of the thermometer (battery life) - 2 years minimum. Weight of the thermometer - 20g. maximum. Overall dimensions - 121,6 x 17,2 x 6,9 mm. The thermometer is functional when exposed to: - Ambient temperature of 10 to 50 ° C; - Excessive air humidity up to 98% at 35 °C.

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