Four-body mounted plough PLN-4-40

Sector: Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
Price: Contract Price
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The plough PLN- 4- 40 is designed for ploughing in soil types free from stones with soil resistance of up to 0,1 Mpa (1,0 kgf/cm ²), and moisture of the tilled layer up to 23 % , to grow grain and industrial crops. The ploughing depth is 25 cm. The height of stubble and grass is up to 25 cm. * The plough can be ganged up with tractor Belarus –1221, with tractor wheel width 1800 mm. * The plough is equipped with bodies similar two the bodies PK-16.000 with semi-helical extended mouldboards, with plough beam changing by plough pillar, which is mounted on brackets with cutting pins ( to prevent breakage of the body parts while coming across obstructions). * The tip of the share is reinforced by a special point thus increasing wear resistance of the share and mouldboard. All wear-prone parts are made of quality steel (65 G , 60 PP) and heat-treated. * The plough PLN – 4- 40 is supplied to a customer assembled. MGW is ready to supply accessory working parts (of extended semi-helical bodies) and spare parts to the plough upon customer’s request. body working width, cm - 40 plough working width , mm - 1600 operating speed, km / h - 7-9 ploughing depth, cm 25 output, ha/h - 1,08-1,41 dimensions: length, mm- 4100 width, mm - 2100 height, mm - 1550 weight, kg - 740

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