Trolleybus model 42003

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It differs by a modern design, up-to-date bode arrangement and highly comfortable compartment and driver’s cabin. Improved construction of doors and tip-up sits provide a more rational space distribution. The trolleybus is equipped with pneumatic suspension, with which a floor level can change within 90mm. This design solution helps to improve cross-country ability and provide comfortable getting-in and getting0out for physically challenged passengers and passengers with with wheelchairs and pushchairs. Trolleybus model 42003 is a monolithic, two-door, transistor traction control system for alternating current. Design features: - Modern construction - External cover made of composite materials - Increased base - Passenger compartment 100% low-floor - Transistor traction control system, what let’s to save up to 44% of electric energy (including recuperation) in comparison with rheostat-contactor control system. - CAN-technology use

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