Sector: Pesticides
Price: 2.74 USD
Minimum Order: 50 l.
Full Product Information:
Biopesticide for comprehensive protection of oats to produce ecologically safe food grain. Intended for treatment of seeds and vegetating plants. Efficiency of action: 59.9% against root rots and 26.3% against Helminthosporium leaf blight, increasing thereby grain harvests by 2.3 – 3.0 c/ha. Application guidelines: For pre-sowing treatment of oat seeds – 2.5 l of concentrate (10 l of working solution)/1 ton. Vegetating oat plants are sprayed during flag leaf phase at recommended dose 6 l of concentrate (300 l of working solution/1 hectare. Ecological advantages: Bactaven promotes output of eco-friendly products and reduces chemical pesticide stress on agrobiocenoses. It is not phytotoxic and safe for environment, humans, animals, plants, birds, bees, fish. Active ingredients: Spores and metabolites of bacteria Bacillus subtilis. Principle of action: Phytoprotective action is based on antifungal properties of sporulating bacteria Bacillus subtilis. Preparative form: Liquid. Terms of storage: 6 months within temperature range from + 5 to + 15°C in closed container protected from rainfall.

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