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Biopesticide to control diseases of vegetables and green spicy crops grown in small-scale hydroponic culture. Efficiency of action - root rot and grey mould of cucumber – 49-64%; - tomato root rot – 44.6%; - root rot of parsley – 20.9-40.2%, of dill – 24.4-69.8%. Harvest rise in tomato crop – 2.9 kg/m2, in cucunber culture – 2.4 kg/m2. Application guidelines: The treatment is carried out with 2% working solution. Cucumber: Application dose: - 1-2 ml (50-100 ml of working solution)/1 plant; - 0,2-0,5 l (10-25 l of working solution)/100 m2. Root rot. The seedlings are watered when 2-3 true leaves emerge, watering of vegetating plants transferred into greenhouse is conducted following 3-4 days. The successive irrigation cycles are envisaged in 15 and 30 days. Upon first manifestations of the disease multiple treatments are carried out with 15 day intervals; anti-grey mould procedure. Spraying of vegetating plants with Ecogreen solution at weekly intermissions when early symptoms of the pathology appear. Tomato: Application dose: 5 ml (250 ml of working solution)/1 plant Root rot. A single prophylactic treatment of plants at active blossoming phase. In case of root rot 6 watering procedures with fortnight intervals are performed Parsley, dill. Application dose: - 1-2 ml (50-100 ml of working solution)/1 plant; - 0,6 l (30 l of working solution)/100 m2. Root rot. Ecogreen treatment upon 3-5 days since transplantating to seedling section. The spraying is repeated on day 5 after plantlet transfer to flow hydroponics line Ecological benefits: Ecogreen is safe for humans, warm-blooded animals and fish. It does not cause adverse impact on plants, will not downgrade nutritive and biological value of vegetables, cannot provoke appearance of resistant pathogenic species and generation of toxic compounds in the environment. Active ingredients: Cells and metabolites of bacteria Pseudomonas brassicacearum. Principle of action: Phytoprotective action of biopesticide is based on antifungal properties of bacteria Pseudomonas brassicacearum. Preparative form: Liquid. Terms of storage: 3 months at temperatures from +1 to + 15°C in place protected from atmospheric fall-out.

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