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Biopesticide to control microbial diseases of sugar and table beet, cucumber and tomato cultivars, bulbiferous floral cultures, conifers. Efficiency of action: - to suppres clamp rot infection of sugar and table beet during vegetation period – 36-60%, in storage piles – 59-76%; - against diseases of bulbiferous floral cultures – 54-55%; - to combat Diplodia spread in pine-tree – 99%. Application guidelines For clamp rot control in sugar and table beet. Spraying vegetating plants with 0.5% working solution when 2-4 true leaves emerge and when plant haulm makes a canopy in rows. Application dose: 1 l of concentrate (200-300 l of working solution)/1 hectare. For beet roots piled into clamps or storage containers Betaprotectin dosage is 0.5 l of concentrate (3-5 l of working solution)/1 ton. For root rots of cucumber and tomato crops (in green house culture). Vegetating plants are watered with 2% working solution of Betaprotectin. The number of treatments – 5-7. The estimated product expense: 50-65 l of concentrate (2 500-3 250 l of working solution)/1 hectare. Against Penicillium and grey mold, fusarial wilt of bulbiferous floral cultures. Vegetating plants should be watered and sprinkled with 2% working solution of Betaprotectin. The first watering is timed to the phase of setting forth shoots from bulbo-tubers, the following 2 sprayins are conducted with 2-week intervals. dose for watering: 100 ml of concentrate (5 l of working solution)/1 m2 for spraying: 8 ml of concentrated (0.4 l of working solution)/1 m2 Anti-diplodial treatment of conifers Vegetating plants are sprayed with 2% working solution of Betaprotectin in nurseries and forest plantations Product expense: 9 l of concentrated (450 l of working solution)/1 hectare. Ecological benefits: Betaprotectin use enables to yield eco-friendly products and reduce pesticide stress on agrobiocenoses. The product is not phytotoxic, safe for humans, animals and beneficial insects. Active ingredients: Spores and metabolites of bacteria Bacillus subtilis. Preparative form: Liquid. Terms of storage: 3 months within temperature range +4 to +15°C in sealed container under the roof.

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