Sector: Fish Farming
Price: from 9 to 9.5 USD
Minimum Order: 20 kg
Packaging: Метализированные пакеты
Full Product Information:
Probiotic for prevention and treatment of bacterial diseases in carp fish species. Properties and advantages: Prophylactic and therapeutic effects of probiotic are determined by elevated antimicrobial potential of bacterial strains. Emilin displays direct suppressing action on pathogenic microflora and indirect impact by activating non-specific protective response. Ecological benefits: The product is safe for humans, animals, fish, birds, beneficial insects, not toxic, promotes output of eco-friendly fish products. Efficiency of action: Emilin application as ingredient of fodder and therapy bath formulas provides for decline of fish internal contamination with pathogenic microorganisms from 80-100% to trace levels. enhanced native (non-specific) resistance of carp organisms (serum bactericidal activity rises by 17.7%, leukocyte phagocytic activity by 17%, phagocytic index by 1.8%, phagocytic number two-fold). Emilin application as feed ingredient reduces incidence of carp diseases, raises fish vitality (post-winter survival rate reaches 97%), increases fish weight by 10%. Application guidelines: Probiotic is supplied per orally during 5 days in ratio 200 g/1 ton feed concentrate at a single diurnal dose constituting 5% of fish weight. Active ingredients: Cells, spores and metabolites of 2 sporulating bacterial strains of genus Bacillus. Preparative form: Powder. Terms of storage: 12 months since date of fabrication in temperature range from 0 to + 15°C enclosed in sealed containers shielded from precipitation.

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