Sector: Fish Farming
Price: from 4.6 to 5 USD
Minimum Order: 20 l
Packaging: ПЭТ канистра
Full Product Information:
Complex biopreparation to decontaminate and remediate fish ponds and water reservoirs polluted with organic and mineral compounds. Properties and advantages: Biovir is distinguished by elevated antimicrobial, decomposing and phosphate-mobilizing activities. Efficiency of action: reduces the content of total phosphorus, ammonium and nitrate nitrogen 2.3 times, blue-green algae population twice. Biovir ensures decay of organic pollutants 2-2.4-fold (estimated in COD and BOD levels). Application guidelines: Biovir is introduced into fish ponds 4 times per season – at the dose 3 l / 1 ha in May and 0.5 l / 1 ha from June to August. The treatment of recreational reservoirs is conducted upon first manifestations of water blossoming by 2-3 spraying cycles divided with 8-10 day intervals (the expense of concentrated Biovir is 0.5 l / 1 ha for the first procedure and 0.3 l / 1 ha for the second procedure). Preferred water temperature is above 21°С. Ecological benefits: The product is not phytotoxic and safe for humans, animals, fish, beneficial insects. Active ingredients: Cells, spores and metabolites of bacterial consortium representing genera Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Rhodococcus. Terms of storage: 3 months since manufacturing date at temperatures from 0 to + 15°C in sealed container protected from atmospheric precipitation. Preparative form: Liquid.

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