Sector: Organic Fertilizers
Price: from 7.5 to 8 USD
Minimum Order: 20 кг, 20 л
Packaging: ПЭТ канистра или метализированный пакет
Full Product Information:
Biofertilizer to promote productivity of triticale, to stimulate growth and development of annual floral cultures, ornamental trees and shrubs, conifer. Efficiency of action: Intensifies biological nitrogen fixation, raises harvests, enhances plant resistance to adverse weather conditions, upgrades product quality, partially replaces mineral nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers, AgroMyc application enables to increase grain harvests by 10-20% over control values without. Application guidelines: Triticale. Pre-sowing seed treatment is carried out with 10% working solution of AgroMyc. The dose: 10 l / 1 ton of seeds (5 hectares). Theprocedure is conducted under the tent or at warehouse to avoid exposure to direct sun rays lethal for microorganisms. The seeds are stirred for even distribution of working solution. In 20-30 min the seeds regain bulky consistence and are placed into bags for subsequent sowing within 24 h. In case of unfavorable weather or agricultural conditions planting campaign may be postponed for 4 days, with seed humidity not exceeding 14-17%. Sprinkling of vegetating plants with 2% working solution at tubulation phase. AgroMyc expense: 4 l of concentrate (200 l of working solution) / 1 hectare. Annual flower cultures, decorative shrubs, deciduous and coniferous trees. Watering of vegetating plants is performed with 10% working solution+1% AMF. The first treatment is recommended upon transplantation into open field followed by the second treatment in 2-3 weeks. AgroMyc dose: 0.5-1 l of concentrate (5-10 l of working solution) / 1 m2. Sprinkling of vegetating plants timed to massive emergence of seedlings is accomplished once with 2% working solution. AgroMyc expense: 1 l of concentrate (50 l of working solution) / 0.25 hectare. Ecological benefits: AgroMyc promotes yield of eco-friendly products. The product is not phytotoxic and safe for humans, animals, fish, bees and other beneficial insects. Active ingredients: Nitrogen-fixing strain Rhizobium rhizogenes 17, phosphate-mobilizing strain Pseudomonas lini 10SK, arbuscular-mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) of genus Glomus. Principle of action: AgroMyc acting on seeds, leaves and roots of plants stimulates germination power and sprouting rate of seedlings, promotes growth, intensifies processes of biological nitrogen fixation and phosphorus transformation. Preparative form: Liquid, peat-based. Terms of storage: 3 months (for liquid product), 6 months (for peat-based product) at temperature from +4 to +15°C in dry ventilated place. Keep off direct insolation.

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