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Biological preparation intended to increase productivity and upgrade quality of long-fiber flax. Efficiency of action: enriches flax culture with phosphorus and nitrogen nutrients; promotes enhanced yields of flax straw by (10%) and seeds (9.4%); reduces doses of applied N and P fertilizers by 10 and 20 kg of active principle per hectare, respectively. Application guidelines: а single pre-sowing. seed treatment. Expense dose: 1 hectare portion is 200 ml of product per 10 liters of water / 1 ton of seeds. The product is diluted prior to use with clean water to adjust its volume to 1 % of the weight of long-fiber flax seeds. The resulting suspension is added to the seeds and mixed scrupulously to attain uniform wetting of the surface. The agitation process is performed either manually by shoveling small seed batches or mechanically in disinfection units washed to remove residual chemicals. Disinfectants. In case of non-contaminated seed material it is preferable to cancel disinfection procedure. If it is indispensable and you resort to contact fungicide (e.g. TMTD) the optimal date should be fixed not later than 2-3 months before seed inoculation. The seeds subjected to action of systemic pesticides, like fundasol, vitavax and their analogs may be also treated with Biolinum. Disinfection with mercury-containing chemicals should be excluded. Herbicides. Biolinum application may be compatible with herbicide treatment of long fiber flax plots. It is recommended to use agents of short-term action at minimal doses. Ecological benefits: Biolinum promotes output of eco-safe products. It is not phytotoxic and not hazardous for humans, animals, beneficial insects. Active ingredients: Associative cultures of nitrogen-fixing and phosphate-mobilizing bacteria plus their metabolites, viable cell titer – min. 5×109 CFU/ml. Preparative form: Liquid. Terms of storage: 3 months within temperature range +4 to +15°C in sealed container protected from precipitation.

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