Sector: Pesticides
Price: 2.3 USD
Minimum Order: 20 l
Packaging: ПЭТ канистра
Full Product Information:
Biopesticide to control bacterial diseases of vegetables in open field. Efficiency of action: Biopreparation possessing high antimicrobial activity controls development and deleterious effects of phytopathogenic pseudomonades pesponsible for bacterial diseases of vegetable crops. Multiphage suppressive effect on angular leaf spot of cucumber exceeds 50%. Biopesticide application upgrades quality of vegetables and increases harvests by over 15%. Application guidelines: Treatment to curb angular leaf spot: the seedlings are sprinkled thrice with 2% active solution – the first procedure coincides with emergence of first disease symptoms, the following are spaced by 7-13 day intervals. The expense of working solution is: 400 l / 1 hectare. Ecological benefits: It does not affect quality of vegetables and alleviates pesticide stress on biocenoses. The product is not phytotoxic and safe for humans, animals, fish, bees and other beneficial insects. Active ingredients: Consortium of bacteriophages-parasites of phytopathogenic Pseudomonas bacteria. Principle of action: The phages constituting the consortium actively suppress phytopathogenic bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens and Pseudomonas syringae. Preparative form: Liquid. Terms of storage: Multiphage is kept in sealed containers during 6 months at temperatures from +2 to + 6°C in place protected from atmospheric fall-out.

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