Sector: Disinfectants & Antiseptics
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Minimum Order: 20 l
Packaging: ПЭТ канистра
Full Product Information:
Microbial disinfectant for sanitary treatment of stock farms and prevention of infectious diseases. Evacuation of animals is not obligatory. The product is distinquished by elevated antagonistic activity toward a broad spectrum of pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms, including bacteria Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus sp., Salmonella holerae suis, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Proteus sp. Efficiency of action: It ensures reduction of sanitary-indicative microbial population (bacteria of coliform and staphylococcal-streptococcal groups): in air of test sections – by 87-100% and 68-84%, respectively; on the surface of section stalls, floor and walls – by 81-95% and 63-97%, respectively. Application guidelines: 10% aqueons suspension of Enatin is sprayed during 15-20 min with total time of exposure at least 1 hour. The empty farms are disinfected once prior to stalling; The treatment of occupied farm section is conducted: for young cattle – during 3 straight days with fornight intervals (the pause depends on contamination extent); for sucking piglets – twice (on day 10 and 20 after farrowing); for weanlings – thrice (on days 10-15, 30-40 and 50-60 after stalling). Enatin dose: 3 ml (30 ml of working solution) / 1 m3 of treated area. Ecological benefits: - non-pathogenic, non-toxic and not toxigenic upon peroral and inhalation exposure; - does not show skin-irritating, embryotoxic and teratogenic properties; - will not generate toxic compounds in the environment; - will not affect quality of farm products; - does not result in deleterious pollution of soil, plants, air and effluents. Active ingredients: Spores and antimicrobial metabolites of bacteria Bacillus pumilus. Preparative form: Liquid. Terms of storage: 3 months at temperatures from +4 to + 15°C in dry shady place.

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