Table forks

Sector: Cutlery
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: Scattering; cardboard backing
Full Product Information:
JSC "KRASNY METALLIST" produces cutlery of various price categories. The assortment of the enterprise has 12 models with the widest range of serving items, table sets of different configurations from 2 to 24 items of various models, a diverse design, both the classic "Russian" style and the modern "smooth" type. Cutlery is made of white stainless steel grades 08X18H10T, 12X18H9, 12X17, 40X13. Along with traditional tablespoons, forks and knives, the company makes dessert spoons, teaspoons, coffee spoons, for ice cream, cocktail, sugar, salad; dessert forks, baby, for lemon, fruit, fish, cake; dessert knife, for cake, butter, fish, fruits; shovel for cake, etc. Stainless steel 18/0, 18/10; metal thickness - from 0.8 mm to 3.0 mm.

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We produce cutlery of various price categories in fourteen basic drawings.