Trisol, solution for infusions

Sector: Pharmaceuticals
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: 200 ml and 400 ml bottles of glass for blood
Terms of Delivery: FCA (Incoterms 2010)
Full Product Information:
Trisol solution has a hemodynamic effect. It reduces hypovolemia and blood thickening during dehydration of the body as a result of vomiting, diarrhea, profuse sweating, etc. Trisol has a slightly alkaline reaction and is effective in correcting of metabolic acidosis.The drug improves microcirculation, prevents the development of intravascular coagulation syndrome and the formation of microbots in the bloodstream. Trisol solution intensifies diuresis and exerts detoxification action. Trisol solution is used to dehydration and intoxication control of the body in various diseases (acute dysentery, food poisoning, etc.), including cholera (El Tor). Use "Trisol" to correct metabolic acidosis.When hypovolemia, Trisol solution is used not only to replenish (at least short-term) the volume of circulating blood, but also to compensate for the deficiency of the extracellular fluid in the interstitial space.

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