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Sodium hydrocarbonate,solution for infusions 40 mg / ml

Sector: Pharmaceuticals
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: 100 ml in bottles of glass for blood, with a capacity of 250 ml
Terms of Delivery: FCA (Incoterms 2010)
Full Product Information:
A remedy for the restoration of the alkaline state of blood and correction of metabolic acidosis. In the dissociation of sodium bicarbonate, a bicarbonate anion is released that binds hydrogen ions with formation of carboxylic acid, which then decomposes into water and exhaled carbon dioxide.As a result, the pH of the blood shifts to the alkaline side, the buffer capacity of the blood increases. The drug also increases the excretion of sodium and chlorine ions from the body, increases osmotic diuresis, alkalinizes urine, preventing precipitation of uric acid in the urinary system. The bicarbonate anion does not penetrate inside the cells . Indications for use. Uncompensated metabolic acidosis in various diseases, such as intoxication of various etiologies, severe post-operative period, major burns, collapse, diabetic coma, long-lasting diarrhea, incoercible vomiting, acute massive blood loss, severe liver and kidney damage, prolonged febrile state, severe hypoxia of newborns. Invariable indication is a decrease in blood pH below 7.2 (normal range is 7.37-7.42).

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