Novocaine, solution for injection 10 mg / ml

Sector: Pharmaceuticals
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Packaging: 100 ml, 200 ml in bottles of glass for blood
Terms of Delivery: FCA (Incoterms 2010)
Full Product Information:
Novocaine has moderate anesthetic activity and margins of safety. The duration of action is 0.5-1 h. Being a weak base, it blocks sodium channels, displaces calcium from receptors located on the inner surface of the cell membrane and, thus, prevents the generation of pulses in the sensory endings and carrying them along nerve fibers. Changes the action of potential in the membranes of nerve cells without a pronounced effect on the resting potential.Novocain suppresses not only the pain, but also the impulses of another modality. Indications for use.Novocaine solution is used for infiltration (including intraosseous), conductive, epidural, spinal anesthesia.Solution of novocaine is used in preparation of a patient for anesthesia, during general anesthesia and in the postoperative period (to relieve pain and spasms). In comparison with modern local anesthetics (lidocaine, bupivacaine, etc.), the drug has less pronounced anesthetic activity, relatively low toxicity and a large therapeutic breadth. When absorbed or directly injected into the bloodstream, novocaine reduces the excitability of peripheral cholinergic receptors, reduces the formation and release of acetylcholine from preganglionic endings, has a weak ganglion blocking effect, reduces spasm of smooth muscle, and the excitability of the myocardium and motor cortex of the cerebral cortex.With intravenous administration, analgesic, anti-shock, hypotensive and antiarrhythmic action (increases the effective refractory period, reduces excitability, automatism and conductivity); in large doses can disrupt neuromuscular conduction.Novocaine eliminates the descending inhibitory effects of the reticular formation of the brain stem, inhibits polysynaptic reflexes. In large doses can cause seizures. Indications for use Novocaine solution 10 mg / ml is used for conductive and peridural anesthesia.

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